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We proudly makes all of our own trash chute, garbage chute, linen chute and laundry chute, pneumatic waste chute, construction chute, Compactor and other products. We are always in the position to supply our overseas customers with high quality, steady quantity, and delivery on time and at the competitive prices.


Garbage chute and linen chute are designed to provide a clean and efficient method of removing waste and soiled linens from upper floors to a centrally located discharge area on a lower floor.It is a very convenient, simple and low cost method of controlling and disposing of refuse and linen in multi-storey buildings.


Our chutes meet the most stringent requirements of fire fighting ,environmental health and safety.

The components of chute includes:

·         Ventilation System

--- To be shaped from Vent Duct, Exhaust Fan, Weather Cowl, Bird &Insect Screen, and Flashing cover.

A full diameter vent is required by NFPA, which can exhaust the bad odor into the atmosphere. QDCE recommends a minimum of 20ACH in the chute system.

·         Brush Cleaning System

--- A cylindrical nylon brushes can move up and down inside the chute, to scrape and clean the chute internal wall ,meanwhile, sanitizing unit and the flushing head system begin to work. Stiff nylon brushes can be replaceable.

Brush cleaning system should be operated every three or six months.

This system can be controlled by control panel in the bottom collection room.

·         Sanitizing and disinfecting units

--- Located on the topmost of the chute, and it should be controlled by electonic solenoid valve.  After the maintainer push the botton ‘D&S’ in the bottom collection room, the solenoid valve opens and the disinfectant enters the water supply. The spiral nozzle provides a cone water shap that covers the internal wall of chute.Meanwhile, All intake doors should be locked during cleaning process.

After a specified time, water supply will stop automatically and release the door locks.

·         Straight Chute Section & Intake Chute Section

---- Chute Duct section is from the bottom collection room to the top floor. The duct section are continuously TIG welded and polished, which ensures watertight system without any bolts, rivets or other protrusion inside the chute.

·         Supporting Frame

---- Hot dip galvanized, which can be Rust Protection

·         Sound Attenuation System

---- Sound dampening coating, Rubber isolator pad, and Rubber washer, etc.  which Can allow trash’s convey in a quiet.

·         Intake Door(1.5 Hours UL Fire-Rated Certificated)

---- Pass UL 1.5 hr fire-rated test, and any size can be customerized per customer’s request.

·         Interlocking System

---- Two type of interlocking system: safe-type and secure-type. will allow only one user at a time to open the door, and show busy indicator on all other floors when operation is going at another floor and service time and fire-warning time.

·         Recycle chute system

---- Choosing between Wet garbage, Dry garbage chute and Recycled Item by pushing button of intake door, to transfer 2 or 3 types of waste into their respective trolley.

·         LCD Main Control Panel

---- It controls D&S Unit, Cleaning System,  Fan, Maintenance, Emergency,Brushing System. Also LCD can display all the status of the door and the other functions. Integration with BMS.

·         Sprinklers & Flushing System

·         Fire Control System

·         Offset Chute(Elbow Chute)

---- Double (two bends) offset, made of full 3.0mm thicknes SS material.

·         Discharge Door(Fire Cutoff Door) or Electrical Automatic Cutoff Door

---- Installed on the bottom of the chute, and  it can cut off and close the chute once fire happened in the garbage collection room (with a fusible link melts at 74 fusible link(UL Label)).

·         Compactor

·         Bi-Sorter/Tri-sorter(can be customized per your site)

---- To transfer 2 or 3 types of waste into their respective trolley.

·         Other Parts

Within the overall design of chutes have greatly increased their usage throughout the world.


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