10 Aug

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Designing, Purchasing, and Installing a Laundry Chute in Your Home


Installing a laundry chute in your home can greatly simplify the process of transporting dirty laundry from upper floors to the lower floor where the washing machine is located. To ensure a successful installation, it's important to plan, design, purchase, and install the chute properly. In this article, we will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.


Step 1: Planning

Before proceeding with the installation, determine whether it is feasible to run the chute from the upper level to the desired landing area for the dirty laundry. It is advisable to consult a specialist laundry chute supplier who can provide expert guidance. If floor plans are available, include all floors where the chute is desired and provide a section drawing with finished floor levels, including the start and end points of the chute. In the absence of floor plans, describe your vision in an email, including floor-to-ceiling heights and floor depths.


Step 2: Design and Quote

QDCE, a specialist laundry chute supplier, can assist in designing your specific chute based on the provided information. They will return a detailed quote along with a drawing illustrating how the chute will look, including all necessary parts. This comprehensive information will help you gain a clear understanding of the project requirements.


Step 3: Diameter of Chute

Consider the diameter of the chute, as it plays a crucial role in the chute's functionality. QDCE can provide expert advice on the optimal size based on your specific needs. Generally, a 250mm chute is recommended for tight spaces or when there is limited space between floor joists. For a family home spanning two or three floors, a 300mm chute is advisable. Larger houses, care homes, or small hotels may require a 350mm or 400mm diameter chute, while larger offices or hotels may benefit from chutes ranging from 500mm to 900mm in diameter.


Step 4: Installation

QDCE offers both supply and installation services for laundry chutes. If you prefer to install the chute yourself or have budget constraints, they can provide the chute alone. QDCE's laundry chutes are designed for easy installation, and they provide guidance to ensure a smooth DIY installation. In case of supply-only service, each part of the chute will be marked individually, accompanied by a detailed drawing. QDCE also provides a contact number for installer assistance.


The Chute Installation Process:

1. Determine the starting and ending positions of the chute based on your house layout or plans.

2. If unsure or in need of further advice, contact QDCE or a specialized laundry chute supplier.

3. Send your plans, including the proposed chute location and a section drawing with finished floor levels, to QDCE for evaluation and recommendations.

4. QDCE will provide a design, complete with a drawing and a detailed quote. Review and confirm your satisfaction with the design, and provide an approximate lead time for the installation.

5. Proceed with the installation by requesting an invoice from QDCE and making the payment for the chute.

6. The chute will be delivered promptly, usually within 24-48 hours in the UK, 3-4 days in Ireland, and 5-7 days in other parts of the world.

7. Follow the provided drawing to install the chute during the 1st fix stage.

8. Ensure the chute is enclosed in a minimum of 30-minute fire-rated material above floor levels, and seal the void where the chute passes through with a minimum of 1-hour fire-rated material.

9. Frame out the area where the chute door will be installed, securing it to the framework after fitting the plasterboard.

10. After painting the wall, install the chute door using screws from inside the door.

11. Below ceiling height, fill the gap with fire foam or a similar material before plastering and painting.



To ensure a successful installation, consider the following checklist:

1. Do you have floor plans or a drawing with accurate measurements?

2. How many floors do you intend the chute to span?

3. What diameter of chute do you require?

4. Do you need fire doors for safety compliance?

5. Will the doors be installed horizontally or vertically?

6. Will the doors have standard handles or flush handles?

7. Is the chute a straight drop, or do you require offsets?

8. How do you envision the chute ending?



By following these steps and considering the essential factors outlined above, you can effectively plan, design, purchase, and install a laundry chute in your home. Remember to consult a specialized laundry chute supplier, such as QDCE, for expert advice and assistance throughout the process. Simplify your laundry routine and enhance the functionality of your home with a well-designed and properly installed laundry chute.

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